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  • Blue Jelly Bean

    Sedum pachyphyllum

    Experience the whimsical allure of Sedum pachyphyllum, lovingly known as the Blue Jelly Bean. This delightful succulent captures hearts with its unique charm and eye-catching features. With its plump, jelly bean-shaped leaves, this Sedum variety showcases a mesmerizing powdery blue-green hue. The chubby leaves glisten under sunlight, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity. Its…

  • Blue Rose

    Echeveria imbricata 2

    The Blue Rose, scientifically known as Echeveria imbricata, is a remarkable succulent renowned for its stunning appearance. This variety of Echeveria is a hybrid between Echeveria glauca and Echeveria metallica, resulting in its unique characteristics. During the cooler months, the Blue Rose produces striking orange to red flowers that adorn long and leafy flower spikes….

  • Blue Tears

    Sedum dasyphyllum

    Sedum dasyphyllum, commonly known as ‘Blue Tears’, is a species of the Sedum genus, known for its delicate and attractive appearance. This succulent plant features small, round, tightly packed leaves that form a dense, low-growing mat. The foliage of ‘Blue Tears’ is notable for its blue-green color, which can take on a purple hue in…

  • Blue Trident

    Kleinia 'blue trident'

    Easy-care evergreen groundcover that is low-growing (up to 30 cm tall) and quickly spreads to around 1m wide. Blue-grey leaves are thick, elongated, have a powdery finish and have a pointed spear-shape similar to the mythical Greek God Poseidon’s trident. Pale yellow flowers are held up on long slim flower stems. Likes full sun and…

  • Blue Wave

    Agave gypsophila

    The Agave ‘Blue Wave’ is a succulent plant that is also known as the Agave, Mauritius Hemp, or Gypsum Century Plant. It is a low-maintenance plant that produces small shoots, or “pups,” from the base of the plant, which can be used to propagate new plants or fill empty spots in your garden. This unique…

  • Boot Strap Rhipsalis

    Rhipsalis micrantha

    This particular plant is a very rare subspecies and is native only to rainforests of Southern Ecuador. Beautiful and unusual plant prized by collectors! It features small, white flowers on long, segmented stems either flat or triangular in shape depending on their age and can grow up to a metre long. Bootstrap Rhipsalis are flowering…

  • Branching Painted Echeveria

    Echeveria nodulosa

    Originally from Mexico, Echeveria nodulosa is a small branched sub-shrub to around 20cm high. With stunning foliage colours with colourful markings, it is an erect succulent. Stems are and 60cm long and olive green rosettes are up to 12cm wide and marked with bright red colour on the margins and at the centre. When blooming,…

  • Bright Eyes

    C.atropurpurea var. anomala

    Native to south Africa, this is a compact succulent with upright stems growing just 15cm tall. Lush green leaves are small, fleshy, oval and tightly packed, and can develop vibrant red edges. Its tiny, white flowers bloom from red buds on long stalks. Easy to grow, but like with all succulents, over watering is typically…

  • Brown Sugar

    Echeveria racemosa

    Brown Sugar is a uniquely shaped Echeveria with elongated leaves forming an open star-like rosette. The crowns develop leaves that are green in the crowns and blend into a brownish-burgundy colour in the tips, comparable to the colour of brown sugar. With characteristics like these, this little succulent is as sweet as can be.

  • Buddah’s Temple

    Crassula pyramidalis 'Buddah's Temple'

    This is a very special plant that is highly coveted by collectors. A clustering succulent or shrub growing a mere 10cm tall, this succulent has erect to decumbent stems, tiny square bright green leaves and blooms with little cream-pink, spicy-scented flowers. Uniquely, its leaves form four exact ranks forming a quadrangular column. Native to South…

  • Bulbees

    Adromischus alstonii

    Description: This succulent typically develops thick, fleshy silvery green leaves that look more like giant petals. Adromischus is an ancient Greek word meaning adros (thick) and mischos (stem). Size: Up to 15cm Flowers: Bright green tubular flowers Growing Season: South Africa Positioning: Bulbees like a bright, sunny position. They can be grown in a very small…

  • Burro’s Tail

    Sedum morganianum

    Sedum morganianum, commonly known as Burro’s Tail or Donkey Tail, is a succulent plant renowned for its distinctive trailing growth habit and lush, pendulous stems. This plant is closely related to Sedum burrito, often referred to as Baby Donkey Tail, but it is characterized by its longer, more tapered leaves and stems that can grow…

  • Bushman’s Pipe

    Ceropegia ampliata

    Plant enthusiasts and collectors are always on the lookout for unique and interesting specimens, and the Ceropegia ampliata, commonly known as the Bushman’s Pipe or Horny Devil, is one such plant that never fails to fascinate. This rare vine is native to South Africa and boasts a succulent stem that can grow up to 2…

  • Butterfly Agave

    Agave potatorum cv. Shoji-Raijin

    The Butterfly Agave, also known as Agave potatorum cv. Shoji-Raijin, is a unique and stunning succulent that is native to Mexico. It is a small to medium-sized plant that typically grows to be 30-60 cm in height and 60-90 cm in width. The plant forms a rosette of thick, fleshy leaves that are green in…

  • Calico Kitten

    Crassula pellucida marginalis

    Crassula pellucida marginalis, commonly known as Calico Kitten, is a charming succulent, renowned for its vibrant and variegated heart-shaped leaves. The leaves exhibit a beautiful palette of colors, including shades of green, pink, and purple, especially under ample sunlight. It is a trailing plant, making it ideal for hanging baskets or as a spilling plant…

  • Campfire

    C. capitella 'Campfire'

    The Campfire, scientifically known as Crassula corymbulosa coccinea ‘flame,’ is a striking succulent renowned for its vibrant colors and compact growth habit. This variety of Crassula features leaves with green centers and bright red tips, creating a captivating contrast. Interestingly, the coloration intensifies when the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, adding a fiery touch…