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  • Yellow Centre Maguey

    Agave americana variegata medio-picta

    The Agave americana variegata medio-picta, commonly known as the Yellow Centre Maguey, is a stunning succulent that is highly sought after for its unique appearance and resilience. With its ability to produce pups at the base of the plant, it offers a great opportunity to expand your garden or share with friends and family. When…

  • Yellow Texas Nipple Cactus

    Mammillaria prolifera 'yellow'

    Looking for a cute and low-maintenance cactus? Look no further than the Yellow Texas Nipple Cactus, Mammillaria prolifera ‘yellow’. With its soft, dark green cylindrical stems and yellow spines, this cactus forms clusters and produces lovely cream to pinkish-yellow blooms. Perfect for containers, this slow-growing cactus requires a very porous cactus mix soil with excellent…

  • Zanzibar Gem

    Zamioculas zamiifolia

    The Zanzibar Gem, also known as the Zz Plant, Zuzu Plant, Emerald Palm, Zee Zee Plant, Steel Plant, The Aroid Plant, or Eternity Plant, is a tropical indoor plant that is native to Africa. It is highly valued for its lush, glossy, and dark green leaves, which can grow up to 60-80cm tall. While the…

  • Zebra Plant

    Haworthia attenuata

    The Zebra Plant, also known as the Zebra Cactus or Zebra Haworthia, is a dainty succulent that is perfect for succulent arrangements and makes for a stunning addition to any home or office desk. With its small and slow-growing nature, the Zebra Plant is an extremely hardy and easy-to-care-for plant that originates from the Eastern…

  • Zebra Silver Squill

    Ledebouria socialis 'Zebrina'

    Introducing the Zebra Silver Squill – a stunning addition to any indoor space! This popular houseplant features teardrop-shaped bulbs and attractive, variegated foliage. The fleshy, stalkless, lance-shaped leaves are mottled in silvery blotches lined into stripes and banded with olive green on the upper surface, while being intense violet underneath. Delicate pink flower clusters bloom…

  • Zebra Wart

    Haworthia reinwardtii

    The Zebra Wart, also known as Haworthia reinwardtii, is a small and slow-growing succulent that is easy to care for and very hardy. Its unique shape and distinctive coloration make it an excellent choice for succulent arrangements, such as bonsai or fairy gardens, and it makes a perfect gift for home or office desks. While…

  • Zygocactus

    Schlumbergera truncata

    Note: The name of this plant has recently been changed to Schlumbergera truncata, but it is still commonly known as the Zygocactus or Christmas Cactus. The Zygocactus is a popular choice for holiday decorations, as it typically blooms in late fall or early winter, producing vibrant flowers in shades of pink, red, orange, and white….