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  • White Centre Maguey

    Agave americana mediopicta alba

    The White Centre Maguey, or Agave americana mediopicta alba, is a medium-sized agave that grows up to 1 meter tall. It is known for its thick blue-green leaves with a bright white stripe down the center and sharp recurved spikes along the edges. This agave produces pups from the base, allowing for easy propagation and…

  • White Easter Lily Cactus

    Echinopsis calochlora

    If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching succulent, look no further than the White Easter Lily Cactus, also known as Echinopsis calochlora. With its vibrant and bright white flowers that often grow larger than the cactus itself, this succulent is sure to add a touch of beauty to any indoor or outdoor space. Native…

  • White Felt Plant

    Kalanchoe eriophylla

    Kalanchoe Eriophylla

    The White Felt Plant is soft to the touch as a fine layer of silvery-white hairs grow on its bright green fleshy leaves, earning it’s self the ‘felt’ description. In the cooler seasons the boarders of each leaf turns a deep crimson, creating a fantastic display of vibrant colours all year around.

  • White Flesh Dragon Fruit

    Hylocereus undatus

    The White Flesh Dragon Fruit, also known as Hylocereus undatus, is a stunning tropical plant that is both ornamental and fruitful. Originally found in various regions throughout Central America and the West Indies, its exact origins remain uncertain. This sprawling cactus vine produces exquisite flowers that are large, fragrant, and ornate, opening only at night…

  • White Ghost

    Euphorbia lactea variegata

    The Euphorbia lactea variegata, commonly known as the White Ghost or Grey Ghost, is a stunning and unique succulent plant that can add a touch of whimsy and intrigue to any indoor or outdoor space. Native to tropical climates of Asia, primarily India, this plant features a thick fleshy stem that grows small leaves about…

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    White Star Sedum

    Sedum potosinum

    Sedum potosinum, commonly referred to as White Star Sedum, is a lesser-known species within the diverse Sedum genus, prized for its ornamental qualities and ease of care. This succulent plant features compact, rosette-forming leaves that are thick, fleshy, and green, often with a waxy or powdery coating that helps it conserve moisture. The leaves may…

  • White Texas Nipple Cactus

    Mammillaria prolifera

    The White Texas Nipple Cactus, also known as Mammillaria prolifera, is a delightful and low-growing cactus that forms clusters of soft, cylindrical stems covered in white spines. This cactus is slow-growing, but will eventually produce clusters of cream to pinkish-yellow blooms that add a lovely pop of color to its green stems. Perfect for small…

  • White Vygie

    Trichodiadema mirabile

    White Vygie, also known as Trichodiadema mirabile, is a delightful miniature succulent subshrub that is easy to care for and low maintenance. It grows up to 10cm tall and features long stems, flat grey leaves with white bristles, and blunt tips. Its long-lasting white flowers make it a beautiful groundcover that resembles a white carpet…

  • White Wings

    Gasteraloe 'white wings'

    White Wings, Gasteraloe ‘white wings’, is a beautiful hybrid succulent that is a cross between two South American natives, Gasteria and Aloe. This tender soft succulent grows up to 20cm high and is admired for its white-grey-green rosettes that feature creamy-white spots and stripes. With a maximum diameter of 15cm, the rosettes will bloom with…

  • Whitening Echeveria

    Echeveria albicans

    The Echeveria albicans, also known as the Whitening Echeveria, is a stunning and compact succulent plant that can add a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor space. This particular variety of Echeveria produces beautiful hot pink bell-like flowers with bright yellow tips that grow in clusters atop a long stem, adding a pop…

  • Wicked Lady

    Echeveria 'Wicked Lady'

    Echeveria ‘Wicked Lady’ is a succulent plant known for its rosette-forming leaves. The leaves are dark purple to nearly black in color, giving it a unique and striking appearance. The edges of the leaves are often tinged with a lighter hue, adding to its visual appeal. Native to semi-desert areas, this plant thrives in well-drained…

  • Wide-Leafed Dyckia

    Dyckia platyphylla

    The Wide-Leafed Dyckia, also known as Dyckia platyphylla, is a striking succulent plant with spiny leaves and vibrant orange-yellow bell-like flowers that bloom on a tall stem reaching up to 90cm in height. This plant is native to Brazil and thrives in tropical climates, but it can also be grown successfully in Australian gardens by…

  • Window Plant

    Haworthia cymbiformis obtusa

    The Window Plant, also known as Haworthia cymbiformis obtusa, is a charming decorative plant native to South Africa. Its bright green leaves have a unique glassy appearance, with a soft and juicy texture. This small plant produces white to pale pink flowers with brownish-green veining held on tall spikes. It forms dense rosettes around 15cm…

  • Woolly Senecio

    Senecio scaposus

    The Woolly Senecio, also known as Silver Coral or Silver Spider, is a stunning succulent that is sure to make a statement in any garden or indoor space. Its botanical name is Senecio scaposus. This plant features elongated leaves that grow in an upward arch, completely obscuring the small stem. It can grow up to…

  • Xylo

    Euphorbia xylophylloides

    Euphorbia xylophylloides is a distinctive succulent member of the vast Euphorbia genus. It stands out for its unique morphology and its resilience to various environmental conditions. The plant is characterized by its thick, woody stems and compact branching pattern, which can give it a shrubby appearance. The leaves are small and often deciduous depending on…

  • Yellow Carpet Rose

    Aptenia haeckeliana

    Introducing the Yellow Carpet Rose, Aptenia haeckeliana, a stunning succulent that is perfect for adding color and texture to your garden or indoor space. This low-growing, tender perennial is prized for its beautiful lime-green foliage and interspersed yellow daisy-like flowers that bloom all winter long, even indoors. The Yellow Carpet Rose is a drought-tolerant succulent…