Yellow Texas Nipple Cactus

Mammillaria prolifera 'yellow'


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Looking for a cute and low-maintenance cactus? Look no further than the Yellow Texas Nipple Cactus, Mammillaria prolifera ‘yellow’. With its soft, dark green cylindrical stems and yellow spines, this cactus forms clusters and produces lovely cream to pinkish-yellow blooms.

Perfect for containers, this slow-growing cactus requires a very porous cactus mix soil with excellent drainage and plenty of bright light. It can tolerate bright sun, filtered sun, or afternoon shade if planted outside, and indoors it requires bright light and some direct sun.

Water this native of the Caribbean and other parts of the Americas regularly but moderately, taking care not to overwater. Commonly known as the Nipple Cactus, Grape Cactus, Hair-covered Cactus, Pincushion Cactus, Silver-cluster Cactus, Little Candles, Texas Hair Cactus, West Indian Nipple-cactus, or Texas Nipple Cactus, this little plant is sure to make a big impact in your home or garden.


90 mm pot