Yellow Centre Maguey

Agave americana variegata medio-picta


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The Agave americana variegata medio-picta, commonly known as the Yellow Centre Maguey, is a stunning succulent that is highly sought after for its unique appearance and resilience. With its ability to produce pups at the base of the plant, it offers a great opportunity to expand your garden or share with friends and family.

When in bloom, this Agave produces tall stems with clusters of colorful and delicate flowers that spread out across multiple stems, creating a breathtaking display.

This succulent is native to Mexico, where it thrives in hot and dry climates. In Australia, it can be easily cultivated by mixing sand with high-quality potting mix and allowing the plant to dry out between deep watering. The Yellow Centre Maguey is incredibly drought-tolerant and prefers full sun, but needs to be protected from frost in winter.

This agave features bizarre rosettes of thick blue-green leaves with a bright yellow stripe running down the center and sharp, recurved spikes lining the edges of each leaf. As a medium-sized agave, it grows to approximately one meter in height, making it a great choice for a range of garden designs. It is highly prized among agave enthusiasts as it is rare and slow to propagate.


130 mm pot, Off set pup