Yellow African Star Fish

Stapelia gigantea 2


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The Yellow African Star Fish, also known as Stapelia gigantea, is a fascinating succulent that is native to South Africa. It is a low-growing plant that typically reaches a height of about 30 cm and a width of 60 cm. The plant has fleshy stems that are ribbed and grow in a star-like pattern.

The Yellow African Star Fish produces large, star-shaped flowers that are yellow in color and have a distinct, unpleasant odor that is similar to that of rotting meat. Despite its unpleasant odor, the plant’s flowers are highly attractive to flies, which are the primary pollinators of the plant. The flowers can grow up to 25 cm in diameter and have fringed edges.

The Yellow African Star Fish is a low-maintenance plant that is well-suited for growing in containers or in rock gardens. It requires well-draining soil and full sun to thrive. The plant is also drought-tolerant and can survive long periods of drought without water.

Overall, the Yellow African Star Fish is a unique and fascinating plant that is sure to draw attention in any garden or indoor space. Its unusual star-shaped flowers and distinct odor make it a standout addition to any collection of succulents.