Lizard’s Tail

C. muscosa purpusii 


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Watch Chain, Crassula muscosa, is a unique and textural succulent that will add interest to any space. With its intricate bushy growth habit, it can reach up to 30cm tall and wide. The small light green leaves overlap and stack tightly around the stems, which droop over under their own weight. The flowers are small and chartreuse in color.

This versatile plant is perfect for small scale ground cover or as a houseplant. It looks neat and tidy, making it ideal for indoor spaces. It’s also stunning in succulent arrangements or spilling out of hanging baskets. Watch Chain is easy to care for and thrives in a well-draining spot in the garden in full coastal sun to light shade or indoors in a sunny spot. It has low water needs and should be allowed to dry out between waterings.

Watch Chain is commonly called “Watch Chain” due to its interlocking leaves that resemble jeweler’s pocket watch links. It’s also known as Princess Pine, Clubmoss Crassula, Zipper Plant, and Rattail Crassula. This unique plant is native to South Africa and Namibia.


90 mm pot, Cutting