Sparce Watch Chain

Crassula muscosa var muscosa watch chain


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Watch Chain, Crassula muscosa, is a unique and beautiful succulent with intricate foliage that forms a dense, closed formation on its stems. The variegated variety of Watch Chain features striking foliage patterns that add an extra level of visual interest. While its flowers are attractive, they have a pungent odor that some may find unpleasant.

Often confused with Crassula lycopodioides or Princess Pine, Watch Chain is easily distinguished by its dense and overlapping leaves. It has an invasive root system and can spread rapidly, making it an excellent groundcover. However, it can also be grown in containers where it will spill and arch over the edges, adding to its charm.

Native to Namibia and South Africa, Watch Chain is well adapted to dry climates and requires minimal watering. It prefers well-draining soil and should be grown in a spot with full sun to light shade. This low-maintenance succulent is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces and will thrive with minimal care.


90 mm pot, Cutting