Vertical Leaf Senecio

Senecio crassissimus


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A distinctive perennial subshrub from Madagascar that has unusual and unique colour combinations of purple, green and silver on its long, flat, waxy leaves and thick stems. An erect vertical grower, it reaches around 60cm high and 45cm wide. The large leaves have a characteristic sideways-held appearance. The plant will also produce bright yellow, daisy-like flowers on long stalks.

A very rewarding plant to grow, offering a stunning vertical accent to gardens or mixed container plantings. It is happy growing in full sun and doesn’t not mind extremes of hot or cold. Water it a little in summer, drying it out in winter. Provide a very free draining soil used for cacti and other succulents, though this plant is tolerant of poor soils. Low maintenance beyond removing flower stems to keep it looking tidy.

Common names include: Vertical Leaf Senecio, Vertical Leaf, Lavender Steps, Propeller plant. Native to Madagascar.