Variegated Watch Chain

Crassula muscosa variegata


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Variegated Watch Chain, Crassula muscosa variegata, is a striking succulent with unique foliage that adds texture and interest to any plant collection. Its delicate, tightly packed leaves are arranged in a spiral pattern, creating the appearance of a delicate chain. The variegated form has cream-colored stripes that run along the edges of the leaves, adding an extra dimension to its beauty.

Although it may produce small, unremarkable flowers, it is the foliage that makes this plant a standout. Its spindly stems are perfect for cascading over the edges of a container or trailing down a hanging basket. Variegated Watch Chain is easy to care for, and its invasive root system makes it an ideal choice for a ground cover. It is native to arid regions of Namibia and South Africa and prefers well-drained soil and minimal watering.

Whether used as a standalone plant or incorporated into a mixed succulent arrangement, Variegated Watch Chain is sure to delight with its distinctive appearance and low-maintenance care requirements.


90 mm pot, Cutting