Variegated String of Pearls

Senecio rowleyanus variegata


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The Variegated String of Pearls is a rare and highly coveted succulent, perfect for any plant enthusiast looking for something unique and special. This South African native is a variation of the beloved String of Pearls, which is a trailing succulent that is ideal for hanging baskets due to its long strands of bead-like leaves, which can reach up to 2.4 meters in length. The beads on this variety are a vibrant green, but are prominently flecked with white, giving it a striking appearance.

This succulent blooms with clusters of tiny, white, trumpet-shaped flowers that have a spicy fragrance, making it an excellent choice for attracting pollinators to your garden. The Variegated String of Pearls is a low-maintenance indoor or outdoor foliage plant that is very easy to grow, although it is slightly slower growing than its ordinary green counterpart. It thrives in light shade and should have some indirect light if grown indoors. Plant it in a free-draining potting mix and water it often in summer, allowing it to dry out between waterings, but only every few weeks in winter.

With common names like Variegated String of Beads, Variegated String of Peas, and Variegated String of Pearls, this succulent is a real gem and will make a unique addition to any plant collection.