Variegated Star Window Plant

Haworthia cuspidata variegata


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The Haworthia cuspidata variegata, commonly known as the Variegated Star Window Plant, is a charming and easy-to-care-for succulent that is perfect for those new to plant parenting. This small and slow-growing plant is extremely hardy and its unique shape and coloration make it ideal for use in succulent arrangements, such as bonsai or fairy gardens. It also makes for a wonderful gift for a home or office desk.

Often confused with other Haworthia succulents, the Variegated Star Window Plant can be easily identified by its canoe-tipped leaves, which show little to no “window” or translucency. Originating from South Africa, this succulent thrives in well-drained, drier conditions and makes for a stunning display when grown in clusters in a wide and shallow pot or tray. As the mother plant sends off pups, the clusters will spread over time and create a beautiful and lush display.

The Variegated Star Window Plant can grow up to 10 cm in height and features green rosettes with a striking grid pattern across the leaves. As these rosettes multiply, they will fill out any pot and create a fantastic display that is sure to impress. With its hardy nature and unique appearance, the Variegated Star Window Plant is a wonderful addition to any succulent collection.


90 mm pot, Off set pup