Variegated African Candelabra

Euphorbia ammak variegata


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The Variegated African Candelabra (Euphorbia ammak variegata) is a remarkable and fast-growing succulent, renowned for its tree-like appearance and striking variegation. As one of the many species within the vast Euphorbia family, this plant is highly coveted by collectors and serves as an impressive sculptural centerpiece in any landscape.

In its outdoor habitat, this Euphorbia can reach heights of up to 6 meters, forming a captivating open tree-like structure resembling a branched candelabra. Its eye-catching pale green stems are adorned with a ghostly white variegation, making it a captivating sight to behold. However, take caution as the plant bears horn-shaped spines that are exceptionally sharp.

Thriving with minimal attention, the Variegated African Candelabra requires weekly watering during summer and prefers well-drained soil in a spot with ample sunlight to partial shade. Originating from Saudi Arabia and Yemen, it is well-suited to indoor cultivation, but be prepared for its potential to grow quite tall.

Though relatively low-maintenance, it’s essential to handle this Euphorbia with care due to its potentially toxic milky sap. Avoid ingestion and direct contact with the skin or eyes. Embrace this captivating ornamental plant, but always keep safety in mind.


130 mm pot, Cutting