Euphorbia coerulescens


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Sweetnoors (Euphorbia coerulescens) is a captivating addition to any waterwise garden. Native to South Africa, this small to medium-sized, columnar shrub features grey, gnarled stems adorned with large white to dark brown spines, giving it a unique cactus-like appearance. Its segmented branches form an attractive crown, and on occasion, it may surprise you with cheerful yellow blooms.

With a moderately fast growth rate, Sweetnoors is a low-maintenance delight. Its neat habit makes it an excellent choice for landscape planting, while younger specimens thrive indoors. Ensure it receives full sun and cultivate it in a well-draining, rocky soil for optimal growth. During the growing season (summer), water regularly but keep it relatively dry in the winter.

However, exercise caution while handling Sweetnoors, as with all Euphorbias, its sap is toxic and can cause adverse reactions if it comes into contact with the skin or eyes. While this plant doesn’t require frequent pruning or maintenance, its beauty and unique characteristics make it a standout feature in any ornamental garden.


130 mm pot, Cutting