Sugaralmond Plant

Pachyphytum oviferum


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This adorable Mexican native is one of the most beautiful succulent plants available. Its leaves are plump, rounded and powdery-coated, giving the appearance of a sugared almond and leading to its common name, “Sugaralmond Plant “. It is also known widely as “Moonstones”. Its white stems and ghostly coloured globe-like leaves form a rosette at stem tips, and it will form dense clumps over time. A slow-grower, the plant can reach up to 10cm tall and 30cm wide. While rosettes stay under 10cm wide, stems can reach 20cm long, and trail beautifully from pots. Another variety of Pachyphytum oviferum is known as “Pink Moonstones” thanks to its more peachy-pinkish-lavender hue.

Deep watering, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings ,allows this plant to thrive. Provide gritty soil and ensure containers have excellent drainage. Give lots of sun, such as near a window or place under grow lights. A gorgeous little houseplant.


130 mm pot, Cutting