String of Buttons

Crassula perforata ssp. kougaensis


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The String of Buttons succulent, also known as Crassula perforata, is a charming and visually striking plant that is native to hot and dry climates in South Africa. This succulent is characterized by its thick, bright green leaves that grow closely together along the length of each stem, resembling a thread full of buttons stacked on top of each other. As the plant matures, it produces offsets from the base, which can cause it to spread up to a meter wide and reach a height of about 45cm.

One of the most delightful features of the String of Buttons is the pink edging that develops on each leaf, along with the small, white, star-shaped flowers that grow along the stems. This creates a striking contrast of colors, even when the plant is not in bloom.

To care for your String of Buttons succulent, it’s important to keep it in a well-draining environment to prevent root rot and fungal diseases. We recommend mixing sand with a good quality potting soil to achieve this. Additionally, allow the plant to dry out between deep watering to avoid over-watering.

Overall, the String of Buttons is a delightful and low-maintenance succulent that adds a touch of visual interest to any indoor or outdoor space.


90 mm pot, Cutting