Stapelia Dummeri

Orbea dummeri


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This curious looking perennial succulent is a member of the greater Milkweed family (Asclepiadoideae), and features clustering mounds of four-angled, branching succulent stems that have amazing purple spots or stripes and slender teeth. In bright light, base colour becomes almost white with just a tinge of green. The plant usually grows to just 10cm tall but will spread to from low mats. With a freely flowering habit, it blooms with hairy, starfish-shaped flowers of olive green to chartreuse, rising on short stalks.

An easy plant to grow and flower. Place in a position of part shade outdoors, as filtered light will encourage flowering. When grown indoors, give as much light as possible. Deep water in its active growing season but dry out between waterings, and only water about once a month in winter. As this plant has shallow roots, it thrives with gritty soil.

Native to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi. Also classified as Stapelia dummeri, Pachycymbium dummeri or Caralluma dummeri.


90 mm pot, Pups