Albuca spiralis


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The Spirals, scientifically known as Albuca spiralis, is a fascinating and visually captivating succulent that boasts a variety of charming common names, such as Frizzle Sizzle, Corkscrew Albuca, and Spiral Leaved Albuca. The most striking feature of this plant lies in its leaves, which spiral and curl, giving rise to its intriguing appearance.

With a bulbous base, the Spirals produce multiple long, thin, and curly leaves that create a whimsical and enchanting display. The leaves, resembling corkscrews, add a unique and playful touch to this succulent’s overall aesthetic.

In addition to its charming foliage, the Spirals also produce multiple flower stems, each adorned with 5-6 cute, bumblebee-like flowers. It is important to note that the fragrance of these blooms attracts insects and real bees, so one must pay special attention to differentiate between the bees and impostors.

Growing up to 120cm in height, the Spirals exhibit a notable presence in the garden or indoor space. Its light green flower stems beautifully showcase a delightful arrangement of hanging yellow flowers, further enhancing its visual appeal.

Native to South Africa, the Spirals thrive in hot and dry climates. During the winter months, it is important to keep the plant drier as it enters a dormant phase. Allow the soil to dry out completely between deep watering sessions to ensure optimal care for this unique succulent.

The Albuca spiralis, with its deep green, thin, and curly leaves resembling corkscrews, is a truly captivating succulent. Its remarkable form, combined with the beauty of its hanging yellow flowers, creates a visually stunning display. Embrace the charm of the Spirals and enjoy the whimsical allure it brings to your garden or indoor space.


130 mm pot, 90 mm pot, Pups