Spider Plant

Rhipsalis pilocarpa


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The Rhipsalis pilocarpa, commonly known as Spider Plant, Wickerware Cactus, Hairy Stemmed Rhipsalis, Coral Cactus, or Rice Cactus, is a rare and unique succulent. It features long, dark green to purple stems that are covered in fine white hairs, which can take on a reddish hue when exposed to sunlight. The plant produces fragrant, bell-shaped small white flowers with pink centers, attracting bees, and abundant hairy, maroon-colored berries.

Cultivating this Rhipsalis is relatively easy, and it can thrive with minimal attention. However, it requires specific light conditions. As it naturally grows in the filtered light of the jungle, it should be placed away from direct sunlight to prevent burning. Regular watering is recommended, taking care not to overwater. Additionally, this plant appreciates a bit of humidity and can benefit from occasional misting.

The Rhipsalis pilocarpa is native to Brazil, where it grows in its natural habitat. By providing similar environmental conditions, such as filtered light and appropriate watering, this unique succulent can be successfully grown as an attractive addition to indoor spaces or gardens.


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