Silver Dollar Vine

Xerosicyos danguyi


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Silver Dollar Vine

Common Names: Silver Dollar Vine, Dollar Vine, Penny Plant, Silver Dollar Plant.

Botanical Name: Xerosicyos danguyi

This very rare and sought after succulent is an unusual climbing succulent vine with cylindrical stems and thick, plump, silvery-green leaves and little climbing tendrils. A relative of the cucumber, this plant uses its tendrils in a similar manner to grip while growing. Although described as a climber, the Silver Dollar Vine will form a loose, scrambling shrub, attaching itself to fences, trellises or other plants.

Often used in landscaping where it will scramble up to hide fences or walls. Also makes a striking standalone plant in a hanging basket or container. Produces small yellow-green flowers. However, as it is a desert plant and requires plenty of sun, it is not recommended for indoors unless under bright lights. Low water needs and no maintenance required.

A great collector’s plant, native to southwestern Madagascar.


140 mm pot, 90 mm pot, Rooted Cutting