Sand Rose

Anacampseros telephuastrum


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Sand Rose (Anacampseros telephuastrum) is a charming succulent native to South Africa, where it thrives in dry and hot climates. In Australian gardens, this plant can be cultivated by allowing it to dry out between deep watering and keeping it drier during the winter months.

Mature Sand Rose plants produce crooked stems up to 10cm in length that are adorned with attractive pink, fragrant flowers. These flowers, which are around 3cm in diameter, are mostly fuchsia with beautifully contrasted bright yellow anthers. Unlike other succulents, the striking flowers on this Anacampseros only bloom during the day, retracting for protection during the night.

The Sand Rose is a clumping succulent that spreads into a beautiful ground cover, only reaching a few centimetres in height. Each rosette consists of bright green fleshy leaves with deep purple undersides. A unique characteristic of this succulent is the numerous fine white “stipule hairs” that grow around the center of the rosette, adding to its charm.

In summary, the Sand Rose is a delightful succulent that is sure to add interest and beauty to any garden or indoor space. With its lovely pink flowers, fleshy green leaves, and unique stipule hairs, this plant is a must-have for succulent enthusiasts.


90 mm pot, Cutting