Ruby Stars

C. exilis schmidtii


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Ruby Stars, scientifically known as Crassula schmidtii, is a captivating succulent that goes by various charming names such as Fairy Tongue and Red Flowering Crassula. This remarkable plant is native to South Africa, where it thrives in hot and dry climates. Creating a similar environment in Australian gardens is achievable by incorporating sand into a good quality potting mix and allowing the plant to dry out between deep watering sessions.

With a maximum height of around 20cm, Ruby Stars grows into a dense ground cover, forming thick rosettes of deep green leaves. The leaves possess a delightful fuzziness, adding a unique tactile element to this succulent’s allure. However, it is crucial to ensure proper drainage to prevent the Crassula species from succumbing to root rot and fungal diseases. Utilizing a well-drained potting soil mixed with sand is recommended to create an ideal growing environment.

Adding to its visual appeal, Ruby Stars produces star-shaped flowers in a mesmerizing deep pink to ruby red hue. These vibrant blossoms stand out against the lush green foliage, creating a striking contrast and adding a splash of color to any garden or indoor space.

Whether as a ground cover or a potted plant, Ruby Stars captivates with its dense growth, fuzzy leaves, and captivating star-shaped flowers. Embrace the beauty of this succulent and enjoy its vibrant display of deep pink to ruby red blooms, bringing a touch of enchantment to your botanical collection.


130 mm pot, 90 mm pot, Pups