Ribbed Rhipsalis

Rhipsalis pentaptera


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Rhipsalis plants are naturally found living on trees (epiphytic) in South and Central American rainforest jungles. They are popular for their trailing, hanging habit, which sees their long slender stems cascade over the edges of pots and baskets. A wonderful choice for mounting or planting in a hanging display. This unmistakable variety hails from Brazil and Paraguay. It is distinctive from its family members due to its easy-to-identify deep ‘ribs’ on its bright green, segmented branches. It also features translucent white to yellow flowers which bloom all year, and pinkish ‘fruits’ which resemble mistletoe berries, giving rise to the common name Mistletoe Cactus.

A reliable houseplant, it needs well-draining soil and regular to occasional watering, and a spot in filtered sun.


90 mm pot, Cutting, Rooted Cutting