Resin Spurge

Euphorbia Resinifera


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Euphorbia Resinifera, often known as the Resin Spurge, is a spiny, succulent shrub native to the slopes of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Growing up to 1 metre in height, it has a bushy appearance and produces numerous four-sided, grey-green columns, each adorned with spines that grow in pairs.

One of the significant features of this plant is the milky sap it produces when cut or broken. This sap contains a compound called resiniferatoxin, which is one of the most potent natural irritants known. In fact, it’s several thousand times hotter than the capsaicin found in chili peppers.

Historically, this resin has been used in local medicine and for creating a varnish. However, caution is advised when handling this plant, as the sap can cause skin irritation, and contact with the eyes can be especially painful. Ensure it’s placed away from the reach of children and pets, and always use gloves when handling or pruning.




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