Rat’s Tail Cactus

Aporocactus conzattii


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The Rat’s Tail Cactus, scientifically known as Aporocactus conzattii, is a magnificent succulent that showcases long, trailing deep green stems adorned with sharp prickles, reminiscent of a cactus. These stems can grow impressively long, reaching up to 180cm in length, creating a cascading and draping effect. At the tip of each stem, a singular, vibrant red flower emerges, adding a stunning focal point to the plant’s appearance.

Despite its common name suggesting it belongs to the cactus family, the Rat’s Tail Cactus is actually a member of the Aporocactus Family. What distinguishes succulents in the Aporocactus family from true cacti is their growth habit. These succulents naturally grow on other plants or structures for mechanical support, rather than relying on them for nutrients. However, in household gardens, the Rat’s Tail Cactus is commonly used as a hanging plant, creating a captivating curtain of cactus-like stems.

Native to Mexico and Central America, the Rat’s Tail Cactus thrives in tropical climates. While it feels most at home in the northern parts of Australia, the climatic conditions can be replicated in gardens throughout the country. To ensure optimal growth, it is important to provide the succulent with a sunny location while protecting it from frost. Additionally, allowing the plant to dry out between deep watering sessions and keeping it drier during the winter months is essential for its well-being.

The Rat’s Tail Cactus, or Aporocactus conzattii, is a striking and captivating succulent that adds a touch of drama to any space. Its long, trailing stems with sharp prickles and the brilliant red flowers at their tips create an enchanting visual display. Whether grown as a hanging plant or allowed to drape naturally, the Rat’s Tail Cactus is sure to impress with its unique form and vibrant blooms.


90 mm pot, Cutting