Haworthia fasciata concolor


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Plant enthusiasts and collectors will appreciate the Radula succulent, also known as Haworthia fasciata concolor, for its dainty yet striking appearance. This slow-growing plant is highly adaptable and requires minimal care, making it an excellent choice for beginners and busy individuals alike. The Radula’s unique shape and coloration make it a great addition to succulent arrangements like bonsai or fairy gardens, and it also makes a perfect gift for the home or office.

Despite its similarities to other Haworthia succulents, the Radula can be distinguished by its reddish-tipped leaves and white speckles that appear when exposed to sufficient sunlight. This succulent hails from South Africa and thrives in well-drained, drier conditions. When grown in clusters in a wide, shallow pot or tray, the Radula creates a stunning display that will continue to spread as the mother plant produces pups over time.

At a height of up to 15cm, the Radula is a small yet impressive succulent with green leaves that appear to be frozen with white speckles. Its shape closely resembles that of the more common Zebra Plant, adding to its unique appeal. Whether you’re an experienced plant enthusiast or just starting your collection, the Radula is a must-have for any succulent lover looking for a low-maintenance and visually striking addition to their indoor or outdoor space.


90 mm pot, Off set pup