Pygmy Weed

Crassula orbicularis


Pygmy Weed is small variety of Crassula which grows up to 25cm in height when in flower. This petite succulent forms delicate green rosettes with smaller offsets on long thin stems, creating a curious array of levels and sizes to the plant.

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Pygmy Weed

Botanical Name: Crassula orbicularis

When in blooming season, the Pygmy Weed will produce a 25cm long stem with small cup shaped flowers that are typically white in colour but in rare cases can bloom a brownish-red.

Pygmy Weed is typically bright green in colour with varying tints of deep bronze when exposed to the cold or heat. The change in your succulent’s colouration is a sign your plant is under some stress and is its way of adapting to the climate. However, if weather conditions become extreme, this could harm your plant and you should consider moving it to a more controlled habitat.

This succulent is native to South Africa where it will thrive in tropical climates. This can be replicated in most Australian gardens by allowing the soil to completely dry out between deep watering, and keeping drier in the winter.


90 mm pot, Off set pup