Pincushion Euphorbia

Euphorbia enopla


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One of over 2000 species mainly from Africa, this handsome Euphorbia is a succulent shrub, branching from the base and covered with red spines. Its grey-green or blue-green ribbed branches can take on a dramatic candelabra-like appearance. It features tiny leaves and red or yellow flowers.

Planting this succulent in full sun to partial sun will help it keep its compact shape, and it thrives with regular watering in warmer seasons though it should be kept mostly dry in winter. Ensure pots have excellent drainage and ventilation, and avoid over-watering.

Note: all euphorbias have a toxic sap and must therefore be handled with care.

NOTE: Euphorbia’s are for ornamental purposes only. The milky sap can be toxic and can cause adverse reactions if it comes into contact with the skin or eyes. Do not ingest. Euphorbias do not typically require pruning or maintenance, but take care when handling.