Pies from Heaven

Kalanchoe rhombopilosa


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Pies From Heaven originated from Southwestern Madagascar, it is slightly woolly with silver-green leaves with brown markings on sprawling branches. The leaves are roughly triangular with 2 sharp edges and the outside rim curved and crenelated, similar to pinched edges of a pie crust. The flowers that form on this plant are small and greenish yellow with red lines.

Requires moderate watering in autumn and spring and in summer water thoroughly allowing soil to dry before watering again. Pies from Heaven also require bright light so best to have them sitting in direct sunlight.

Kalanchoes, native to Madagascar, are very popular with collectors due to their unique, fuzzy, felted stems and foliage. A popular perennial shrublet or houseplant, this particular Kalanchoe has especially attractive foliage, marked with chocolate brown splotches and stripes on a silvery base. Giving rise to the common name “Pies from Heaven”, this plant has leaves of a curious shape, reminiscent of a triangular slice of pie with a pinched crust. Adding to its appeal are its long-lasting, small, chartreuse or pinkish purple flowers.

A compact plant growing to around 30cm tall, it is easy to maintain in a small space and mixes well with other succulents in dish gardens and little planters. Grow easily as a patio plant in a bright, sunny spot or partial shade. Moderate watering in autumn and spring and thorough watering in summer, allowing soil to dry between.


90 mm pot, Leaves, Leaves (x4)