Paint Brush Lily Red

Malephora crocea


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Introducing the vibrant Paint Brush Lily Red, scientifically known as Malephora crocea. This delightful succulent showcases a mesmerizing display of vivid red blooms that resemble a painter’s brushstrokes, hence its charming common name.

Malephora crocea is a low-growing succulent with thick, fleshy leaves that form a dense mat of foliage. Its brilliant red flowers steal the show, blooming abundantly during the warmer months and creating a spectacle of color in your garden or landscape.

Originating from the Cape region of South Africa, the Paint Brush Lily Red is well-suited to arid and sunny environments. It thrives in well-draining soil and requires minimal watering, making it an ideal choice for water-wise gardens or drought-prone regions.

This succulent’s resilient nature and low-maintenance requirements make it a fantastic addition to rock gardens, container plantings, or as ground cover. Its vibrant blooms also attract pollinators, adding an extra touch of life and movement to your outdoor space.

Embrace the brilliance of the Paint Brush Lily Red and let its vivid red flowers paint your garden with bursts of color. With its easy care and striking beauty, Malephora crocea is sure to become a standout feature in your landscape, drawing admiration and delight from all who encounter it.