Echeveria 'Orion'


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Echeveria ‘Orion’ is a captivating succulent, renowned for its rosette form and fleshy, sea-green leaves. This hybrid variety often displays pinkish-red tips, especially when exposed to bright sunlight, adding to its charm. The leaves, which can sometimes appear almost blue-green under certain conditions, are smooth, broad, and slightly cupped, making the plant look like a sprawling star.

Native to the rocky terrains of Mexico, this Echeveria species flourishes in well-draining soil and prefers a mix of direct and filtered sunlight. However, like many of its counterparts, it is intolerant of frost, meaning that in colder climates, it’s best kept as an indoor plant or moved indoors during the chillier months.

While Echeveria ‘Orion’ is primarily grown for its ornamental beauty, it’s important to note that it should be kept out of reach of pets. Some Echeverias have been known to cause mild digestive upset if ingested.

In landscaping or as a household addition, it offers an aesthetic appeal with its compact form, making it a favorite choice for rock gardens, terrariums, and decorative pots.




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