Monadenium ritchiei ssp. marsabitense

Monadenium ritchiei ssp. marsabitense


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This rare Kenyan species gets its name from the province it is native to: Marsabit. It is a rare succulent with a columnar shape, made up of darkish green stems branching from the base, which form a large clump. Stems, which have small protrusions arranged on them in spirals, will blush red in full sun. Leaves will form during the active growing season, and drop off as seasons change. Flowers on stem tips bloom pink in late summer.

Suitable as a container plant for warm, dry environments, ensuring a well-drained soil in a breathable pot such as clay or terracotta. Water infrequently, allowing soil to dry between waterings.


130 mm pot, 90 mm pot, Off set pup