Monadenium guentheri

Monadenium guentheri


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In its native southeast Kenya, the Sausage Spurge grows in open grass scrubs, but for succulent enthusiasts it makes a wonderfully unusual container plant of around half a metre tall and wide. A stout perennial succulent with long, cylindrical stems featuring spiny, fleshy, sickle-shaped leaves. Mature plants will look like a tangle of sausages. Moderately fast-growing, with no maintenance needed, this is a great choice for the beginner Monadenium collector.

Very drought tolerant, the Sausage Spurge has a very high heat tolerance and will do best in part shade to full sun. When grown in shade, gradually acclimatise to full sun if moving. Minimal water needs, but does like more water when actively growing. Needs excellent drainage as it prefers dry conditions.


130 mm pot, Cutting