Echeveria 'Minibelle'


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Echeveria ‘Minibelle’ is a captivating hybrid in the Crassulaceae family. Boasting rosettes of plump, succulent leaves that may range from a deep green to a subtle bluish hue, these plants often showcase hints of pink or red along their margins, especially when exposed to bright sunlight.

Originating from arid regions of Central America, they thrive best in well-draining soil and are partial to full sun. They’re adept at conserving water in their thick leaves, allowing them to withstand drought conditions. However, they are not frost-hardy and should be protected from extreme cold.

The aesthetics of the ‘Minibelle’ makes it a popular choice for ornamental plantings, especially in rock gardens or terrariums. As with most Echeverias, overwatering can be detrimental, causing root rot. It’s crucial to let the soil dry out between waterings and to ensure they are kept in a pot with sufficient drainage. No known common uses or precautions are associated with this plant beyond standard succulent care guidelines.




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