Miniature Jade

Crassula ovata minor


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The Miniature Jade, also known as Crassula ovata minor, is a delightful succulent plant that closely resembles its larger counterpart, the Jade Plant (Crassula ovata). However, the Miniature Jade has mature leaves that only grow to about half the size, making it a charming and delicate addition to any space.

Native to South Africa, the Miniature Jade thrives in tropical climates, but can also do well in most Australian gardens with proper care. This succulent prefers to have its soil completely dry out between deep waterings and should be kept drier during the winter months.

Standing at a maximum height of 75cm, the Miniature Jade is a compact version of the popular Jade Plant. Known for its coin-shaped leaves resembling jade, the Jade variety of succulents is believed to activate financial energies, and when placed at the front door of a home or business, can welcome wealth, prosperity, and success.

In addition to being a lovely plant for personal enjoyment, the Miniature Jade is often given as a gift to family and friends for special occasions such as weddings and housewarmings. By gifting this succulent, you can symbolically welcome positivity and good fortune into life’s new chapters.


130 mm pot, Cutting