Mauritius Hemp

Furcraea foetida mediopicta


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Introducing the magnificent Furcraea foetida mediopicta, commonly known as Mauritius Hemp. This evergreen succulent perennial commands attention with its impressive width, spanning up to 3 meters. Its broad, arching leaves gracefully cascade from a central point, adorned with captivating variegation.

The standout feature of Furcraea foetida mediopicta is its striking central stripe or “mediopicta” in shades ranging from creamy yellow to golden hues, set against a backdrop of deep green. This mesmerizing color contrast adds depth and visual intrigue to the plant’s appearance.

Native to tropical regions, Mauritius Hemp thrives in sunny landscapes, bringing year-round vibrancy to gardens. Resilient and low-maintenance, it can adapt to various soil conditions and exhibits excellent drought tolerance.

Whether as a focal point in expansive gardens or a statement plant in containers, the Furcraea foetida mediopicta is sure to captivate. Its impressive size, coupled with its distinctive variegation, creates a visually striking and majestic presence, infusing your outdoor space with a touch of tropical elegance. Embrace the allure of Mauritius Hemp and let it become the crowning jewel of your botanical sanctuary.


130 mm pot, 90 mm pot, Off set pup