Matcha Latte

Sedum japonicum variegata


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Sedum japonicum ‘Variegata’, commonly known as ‘Matcha Latte’, is a variegated form of Sedum japonicum that captures attention with its distinctive and decorative foliage. This succulent plant features small, rounded leaves that are a mix of green and creamy white, reminiscent of the frothy mix of matcha and milk in the popular beverage, hence its evocative name. The variegation adds a striking contrast and visual interest to gardens and collections.

This variety prefers well-draining soil and thrives in full sun to partial shade. The bright, indirect light accentuates the variegation in the leaves, while too much direct sunlight can sometimes scorch the delicate, lighter parts of the foliage. ‘Matcha Latte’ is drought-tolerant once established, making it an excellent choice for rock gardens, green roofs, or as a ground cover in dry, challenging environments. It’s also well-suited for container gardening, where its variegated foliage can be appreciated up close.

In summer, Sedum japonicum ‘Variegata’ may produce small, star-shaped yellow flowers that add an extra layer of beauty to the plant. These blooms can attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, adding to the biodiversity of your garden space.

As with many sedums, ‘Matcha Latte’ is considered non-toxic and is generally safe around pets and children. However, it’s always a good practice to place plants out of reach to prevent any accidental ingestion. Its ease of care, coupled with its unique and attractive foliage, makes Sedum japonicum ‘Variegata’ a popular choice among gardeners and succulent enthusiasts looking for a low-maintenance yet visually appealing addition to their plant collection.




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