Little Turtle Eggs

Sedum hernandezii


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Sedum hernandezii, affectionately known as “Little Turtle Eggs,” is a unique and charming succulent that belongs to the extensive Sedum family. This plant is native to Puebla, Mexico, and is highly prized for its distinctive appearance, which indeed resembles small, green turtle eggs. The plant’s common name captures the essence of its plump, oval-shaped leaves that are a deep green color, often with a slight bluish or yellowish hue, and have a glossy, almost jelly-like texture.

The leaves of Sedum hernandezii are densely packed around short, thick stems, creating compact rosettes that can grow up to about 4 inches (10 cm) in height. One of the most captivating features of this succulent is its ability to produce bright yellow, star-shaped flowers during the late winter to early spring, providing a cheerful contrast to its foliage.

Sedum hernandezii thrives in well-draining soil and prefers a sunny to partially shaded location. Like many succulents, it requires minimal watering, making it an excellent choice for rock gardens, container gardens, or as a unique addition to a succulent collection. It is particularly important to avoid overwatering, as this can lead to root rot and other moisture-related issues.

This plant’s care requirements are similar to those of other Sedum species, emphasizing the need for bright light and infrequent watering. During the winter months, it’s beneficial to reduce watering further to mimic the plant’s natural dormant period. Sedum hernandezii is also known for its resilience and can tolerate a range of temperatures, though it should be protected from extreme cold to prevent damage.

Sedum hernandezii’s intriguing appearance and low maintenance make it a popular choice among succulent enthusiasts. Its compact size and unique leaf shape offer an appealing aesthetic that stands out in any succulent display. Generally considered non-toxic, “Little Turtle Eggs” is safe to grow in homes with pets and children, making it a delightful addition to indoor and outdoor gardens alike.




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