Lace Aloe

Aloe aristata


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The Lace Aloe, also known as Torch Plant, Bearded Aloe, or Hardy Aloe, is a captivating succulent that features rosettes of deep green leaves adorned with mottled white spots and spines. When observed from above, the intricate pattern and dense growth of this plant resemble that of a laced doily or cloth, giving it its charming common name.

Growing up to 30cm tall, the Lace Aloe produces a flowering stem that can reach heights of 50cm. The flowers, typical of the Aloe family, form clusters of bell-shaped blooms with a vibrant orange-red color, measuring about 4cm in length. The contrasting mottled coloration of the leaves adds to the overall beauty of this Aloe, particularly when it is in full bloom.

Native to South Africa, the Lace Aloe thrives in tropical climates. In most Australian gardens, these conditions can be easily replicated by ensuring the plant dries out between deep watering sessions and maintaining a drier environment during the winter months.

Aloe aristata, as scientifically named, is an eye-catching succulent that adds visual appeal to any collection or garden. With its delicate patterned leaves, striking orange-red flowers, and resilience in a range of growing conditions, the Lace Aloe is a wonderful addition for succulent enthusiasts and gardeners alike.


130 mm pot, Off set pup