Kenya Hyacinth

Sansevieria dooneri


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A perfect succulent for baskets or indoor potplants. Native to eastern Africa (Burundi, Kenya), this plant is known as either Kenya Hyacinth or Fountain Plant. Characterised by its fine textured foliage, it has narrow leaves growing up to 40cm long and 2.5cm wide. Although a hanging succulent, it begins life as an upright plant, featuring arched rosettes composed of medium green leaves that have dark green crossbands. Flowers are tiny, pinkish-white and delicately fragrant.

Dooneri likes moderately bright or filtered light, but also tolerates low light. In bright light, colours are deeper and the more intense the light, the more yellow the leaf edges will become. Water sparingly in winter, and never allow the plant to stand in water. It appreciates average room temperatures and protection from drafts.

Tip: Place in front of a sunny window covered in a sheer curtain.


130 mm pot, Cutting