Karoo Aloe

Aloe longistyla


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The Karoo Aloe, scientifically known as Aloe longistyla, is an alluring succulent that boasts unique characteristics. Unlike many aloes, the Karoo Aloe rarely produces offsets or “pups.” Instead, it is commonly propagated from seeds, which contributes to its rarity and high desirability among succulent enthusiasts.

This aloe species is native to South Africa, specifically the regions of Little Karoo and Western Great Karoo, from which it derives its common names. It naturally thrives in flat sandy or stony areas, displaying a remarkable adaptability to dry and hot climates.

The Karoo Aloe forms attractive rosettes of grey-green, waxy leaves. These leaves are adorned with distinctive white spines, adding texture and visual interest to the plant. While the succulent itself grows to a medium size, reaching up to 20cm in width, it is the magnificent flowers that steal the show. The Karoo Aloe produces large coral-orange blooms that are proportionally oversized compared to the plant itself. These vibrant flowers emerge on thick, short stems and create a captivating display of color, drawing attention from all who behold them.

Whether it’s the striking contrast of the grey-green leaves with white spines or the stunning coral-orange flowers, the Karoo Aloe is a true beauty to behold. Its scarcity, combined with its eye-catching features, makes it a highly sought-after addition to succulent collections. Embrace the allure of the Karoo Aloe and enjoy the remarkable visual impact it brings to any space.


130 mm pot, Off set pup