Ivory Curls

Agave gypsophila variegata


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Ivory Curls, also known as Variegated Gypsum Century Plant or Agave gypsophila variegata, is a striking and unique succulent that can add a touch of interest to any garden or indoor space. With its wavy, blue-green leaves and creamy-white variegated borders, the Ivory Curls is a medium-sized plant that can grow up to 1m in height.

Native to Mexico, the Ivory Curls thrives in hot and dry climates and is well-suited to Australian gardens. To replicate its natural environment, mix sand with a high-quality potting mix and allow the plant to dry out between deep watering. This succulent is extremely drought-tolerant and prefers full sun, but needs to be protected from frost during the winter.

Like many succulents, the Ivory Curls produces pups from the base of the plant, which can be replanted in other empty spots in your garden or shared with friends and family. When in bloom, the Ivory Curls produces tall stems with bouquets of colorful and delicate flowers spreading out across multiple stems.

Overall, the Ivory Curls is a stunning and low-maintenance plant that can brighten up any space with its unique and beautiful foliage.


130 mm pot, 170 mm pot, Off set pup