Hottentot Fig

Carpobrotus edulis


The Hottentot Fig is a robust low growing succulent which grows bright green stems and fleshy leaves that have a peculiar three edged triangular shape. Deceptively enough this succulent has been named a fig, but only because the fruits share a resemblance.

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Hottentot Fig

Botanical Name: Carpobrotus edulis

Common Names: Hottentot Fig, Cape Fig, Fig Marigold, Highway Ice Plant, Ice Plant, Pig Face, Sour Pig.

The Hottentot Fig produces large beautiful flowers that can be likened to daisies or gerbras, they come in a large assortment of colours such as magenta, whites and yellows but are exceptionally beautiful and colourful.

The fruits and leaves of this succulent have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Archaeologists have found these plants covering ancient middens along the South African coast and sometimes marking ancient burial sites.

Being native to South Africa this succulent will thrive in hot and dry climates. This can be easily replicated in Australian gardens by placing in a sunny position in the garden and allowing the plant to dry out completely between deep watering.