Haworthia-Leaved Aloe

Aloe descoingsii x haworthioides


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The Haworthia-Leaved Aloe, also known as Mini Aloe, is a charming succulent that stands out with its unique appearance. This fast-growing plant may be small in size, reaching up to 10cm in height, but its fluffy and almost fuzzy leaves make it easily distinguishable. Each deep green leaf features soft, silky spines along the margins, adding to its intriguing texture.

Although petite, the Haworthia-Leaved Aloe can form large clumps over time if given sufficient space. It is also well-suited for small spaces or pots as long as it receives an adequate amount of sunlight.

One of the highlights of this Aloe is its delicate flowers, which bloom on tall stems reaching up to 30cm. These bell-shaped flowers display a beautiful orange-yellow color and grow in clusters, creating a visually pleasing display for any collector or enthusiast.

Native to Madagascar, the Haworthia-Leaved Aloe thrives in tropical climates. To replicate these conditions in Australian gardens, it is important to allow the plant to dry out between deep watering sessions and maintain drier conditions during the winter months.

The Haworthia-Leaved Aloe, scientifically known as Aloe descoingsii x haworthioides, offers succulent enthusiasts a delightful addition to their collections. With its fluffy leaves, attractive flowers, and adaptability to various growing environments, this Mini Aloe is sure to bring joy and beauty to any space it inhabits.


130 mm pot, Off set pup