Hairy Balls

Sempervivium 'Hairy Balls'


Despite it’s seemingly obscene name, Hairy Balls is a very cute variety of the Hen and Chicks family, the Semperviviums.

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Common Names: Sempervivium ‘Hairy Balls’, Hen and Chicks, Houseleek, Live Forever.

Description: A small perennial succulent that develop fine furry hairs, creating a ‘hairy ball’ of dense round rosettes. The leaves of this sempervivium are an unusual murky grey-green colour with contrasting cream coloured fur. Depending on the age and the amount of sun this succulent receives, colours will deepen to a more darker and burgundy tone. Typical to semperviviums, this succulent produces off set pups from the base and mature plants form wide spread low and compact clusters.

Flowers: Mature Semperviviums are known to create the notorious ‘death blooms’, where a giant flower stalk develops and the whole rosette turns into one spectacular bloom. Although, the death bloom is just the beginning, once the flowers are spent, the succulent will produce many many off set pups.

Size: Clumps reaching 15cm tall.

Growing Season: Winter

Origin: Hybrid of unknown origins.

Positioning: Full sun to part shade. The more sun this specimen receives, the more deeper the colouration will become.

Care Instructions: Easy to grow, it’s nevertheless important not to over water and create waterlogged roots. Plant in a well draining position, and allow the soil to dry out completely in between deep watering.


90 mm pot, Pups