Orostachys 'Genkai'


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The Orostachys Genkai is a charming and delicate clumping ground cover that is perfect for personal collections. This succulent plant sprouts “pups” attached to long stems from each larger rosette, adding to its beauty and unique growth pattern. The rosettes of this small clumping succulent can grow up to 15 cm in diameter and feature leaves that come to a point.

The Orostachys Genkai grows actively during the spring and summer seasons and prefers to be positioned in part to full sun. Originating from East Asia, this plant needs well-draining soil and should be allowed to dry between watering. It does not do well in humid conditions, so it’s best to keep it in a dry and well-ventilated area.

To propagate this plant, simply allow the off-set pups to establish their own roots and cut them off close to the pups. Place them in well-draining soil and do not water until new growth has shown.

In addition to being a hardy plant, the Orostachys Genkai is also visually appealing, with a beautiful mother plant that grows its pups from long stolons surrounding itself. This unique growth pattern makes it a great addition to any garden or personal collection.


Offset Pups (x4)


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