Gasteraloe 'flow'


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A wonderful plant for beginner gardeners, this houseplant has minimal care needs and is very rewarding to grow. Gasteraloe plants, or “x Gastrolea”, are a specific category of succulent plants hybridised from Gasteria and Aloe plants, and this particular cultivar is an intergeneric hybrid between Gasteria verrucosa and Aloe, leading to its unique colours and markings.

Leaves are thick and oblong and covered in little white wart-like bumps which are typical of the Gasteria verrucosa species. Leaves also have toothy margins and the plant sometimes produces tubular flowers.

First originating in South Africa, this plant is tolerant of a range of soils and habitats, and requires only minimal watering. It enjoys light sun to partial shade and will handle full sun for part of the day—this can also give the leaves a reddish tint.


130 mm pot, Pups