Flat Top

Graptopetalum superbum


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Flat Top

Botanical Name: Graptopetalum superbum

Other Common Names: Beautiful Graptopetalum


The Flat Top is a beautiful succulent that is originated from Mexico, it forms flat and opens up wide rosettes. The

leaves cluster in thick rosettes at the end of thick stems and are pale gray-lavender to pink in colour. This

succulent’s flowers has pale yellow petals with red markings on the tips and with red sigma lobes and stamens.


Water regularly over summer months but let soil dry out between waterings, minimal water over winter months.

This is a very attractive evergreen succulent usually grown as a houseplant. Fairly compact in size, it grows to around 25cm high and features distinctive, very flat, pale pinkish-purple leaves which form clusters of wide rosettes. Its pretty, dainty yellow flowers with wiry red stamens, together with the dramatic purple foliage, make this a gorgeous container plant, but it also succeeds mass planted as a groundcover, or as a feature plant in landscaping. This smallish shrub likes full sun and is happy even in poor soil.

Ideal as a low maintenance houseplant, it requires regular watering in summer, letting soil dry between watering, and minimal water in winter. Native to Mexico, it is sometimes also called “Beautiful Graptopetalum”, for obvious reasons!


130 mm pot, Cutting