Ribbon Cactus

Euphorbia bougheyi


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Euphorbia bougheyi, commonly known as the Flat Leaf Succulent, is an exquisite member of the Euphorbia family. This striking succulent boasts a unique appearance with flattened, elongated leaves that gracefully curve upwards. The leaves, resembling green tongues, are adorned with subtle white markings, enhancing the plant’s allure.

Growing up to 30 cm in height, the Euphorbia bougheyi thrives in arid landscapes, making it a perfect addition to water-wise gardens. Its resilience to drought and its preference for full sun make it a low-maintenance gem for both indoor and outdoor settings. However, caution is advised as its milky sap can cause skin irritation, making it essential to handle the plant with care.

In spring, the Flat Leaf Succulent delights with petite, star-shaped blooms that emerge in clusters at the crown. Its ability to create captivating focal points or complement other succulents in arrangements makes it an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking a touch of elegance in their plant collection.




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