Firecracker Plant

Echeveria setosa ver. demincita


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It’s not hard to see why this attractive cultivar is called the Firecracker Plant—its distinctive red and yellow blooms have an explosive, firework-like appearance. Held on erect stalks 20cm tall, the gorgeous blooms provide a wonderful contrast to the plant’s tiny blue-green, club-shaped leaves. Rosettes, not bigger than 3cm wide, stand out thanks to their covering of fine glistening silky hairs, which make the centres appear almost white.

One of the most beautiful of the Echeveria genus, this easy to grow succulent can tolerate shade, sun, moist or dry soil, but looks its most attractive when given sufficient light and water. Place it outside in full sun, being careful about sun scorching in midsummer. Give porous, well-draining soil and water well. Ensure the container has enough space for optimum root growth.